The 3 Ducklings

3 ODD DUCKS was inspired by the 3 ducklings in my life that annoy my every waking being. Every morning with their squeaky voices and hearty laughter, they have become my alarm clock and just like every alarm clock that I’ve got, I’ve learnt to snooze right through them. So here’s a little peek on who they are and what they love doing during their free time.


Odd Duck #1

There’s that auntie killer smile

First up, we have the leader of the flock. With his loud voice and cheeky personality, he wins the hearts of many aunties everywhere he goes. When asked about his hobbies, he mentioned football, cartoon and English spelling. I’m not sure how English spelling can be a hobby and if any parents out there who are dying to get your kids to sit and learn their spelling perhaps I can get him to share a few tips.

He’s quite easy to maintain with his favorite food being pepperoni pizza, very specifically fries from the big M fast food chain and Ah Ma’s sweet and sour chicken. But it’s tough to get him to try new cuisines as he’s afraid of everything being too spicy for him. So yes, he hates spicy food and durians which is weird given the fact that everyone in the family loves spicy food and durians.


Odd Duck #2

Will do anything for food

This little one is the middle of the bunch and that one thing she loves to do most is to eat and eat and eat. So I guess that’s what supplies her chubby cheeks. It’s hilarious how she creeps up on me when she hears me unwrapping my snacks and she’ll ask “ Ah Yi, what is that? “ and that’s her way of asking if she can have some. Besides eating, she enjoys a good time at the playground running and screaming at the top of her lungs. Well, at least she’s burning off what she eats.

For a little girl her size, she does have quite an appetite. Not only does she like to snack between meals, she likes to have supper too and I think there’s no stopping this munchkin from snacking anytime soon.


Odd Duck #3

The youngest of the flock

She’s not only the youngest but also the most mischievous of the flock. This little cutie has a mind of her own and can be as stubborn as an ox. If she wants something, she’ll fight for it and won’t back down. So to handle her, we’ve got to be extremely patient and usually we just let her cry herself tired and when she realizes she’s not getting what she wants, she’ll come to you with a smile as though nothing happened. How theatrical can a kid get!

Though she’s afraid of water, somehow she loves to swim. It takes her a while to overcome her fear but once that is out of the way, all hell breaks loose. With all that dramatic tears and fears, we might consider sending her for some acting classes

That sums up the 3 odd ducks for you. Stay tuned for my updates on their weird antics!

Vanessa Kumar3 Odd Ducks