Build A Bear

First, this isn’t your usual Build-A-Bear Workshop. Second, it took way longer than expected. Third, it was more costly, even costlier than building and bringing home a soft toy.

Here’s what happened: I wanted to build a silicone mould of a bear and I needed a model. It was almost impossible to find one that was the dimension I need. Until one day, by the luck of a chihuahua, I found a plastic drink bottle in the shape of a bear and it was on the display stand of a pasar malam stall ( a term for Singapore’s night market) glowing, with angelic music in the background. As dramatic as it sounds, that was what it felt like to me. I mean it was plastic bottle and I had no idea how I was going to make it into the model I wanted but all I knew was that this was the start of a new experiment.

So I brought the bear bottle back to the studio and started working on it. All I had to do was to remove the bottleneck and place putty on the head to ensure it was rounded. I repeated the putty process a couple of times before it I was satisfied with the roundness.


So this is how the model looks like after its makeover. I bet you can’t tell it used to be a water bottle.

Ahhhhhhhhh the satisfaction

And its mould making time! How satisfying it is to watch the silicone fill up the box and the model eventually getting covered. It took me 3 rounds of silicone pouring before I got everything covered up. Silicone pouring can be a real mess so don’t forget your gloves.

Once the silicone has cured, it was time to rescue the model! At this point I was just too excited to see how everything turned out. I felt like a kid ripping open presents on Christmas morning!

With the mould, I created 2 bears out of cement and resin. I must say when the bears found out that I got carried away and didn’t film their process of being made, they were not pleased at all! To make amends, I did a photoshoot for them so all is good.

All ready for photos

It’s almost like a music album cover

It’s almost like a music album cover

Same same but different

It’s them against the world

Who would have thought something like that could be made out of water bottles? Never underestimate the imaginative power of the mind because when there’s a will, there’s a way!

Vanessa Kumar