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Concrete creations where every piece has a story to tell. 

In support of second chances, 10% of profits will go to Yellow Ribbon Project.

We all got to start somewhere

Last Wednesday a friend of mine had informed me about the free flea booth organized by Satire Singapore where it would be held over last weekend. Me being me, the first thought that came to mind was it was just too rush for me to produce anything to sell in just a couple of days and I've got no experience at the flea market, I didn't know what I needed or how I should organize my products and hence I did not put much thought to it. For me that was a flight or flight situation and I chickened out.

Some how, my friend managed to convinced me to apply for the booth by emphasizing on the fact that it was free and I think the word " FREE" reached out to the Singaporean in me! So with the adraneline pumping, I applied for the booth while secretly hoping I don't get it( I think that's how I sabotage myself time and time again). 

Any how, by the luck of my french bulldog ( her name is Raisin by the way), I actually got the booth and was featured on Satire's IG!


Not only that but I actually dragged one of my buddy, Lyn with me to show case her pre launch collection as well. she uses wood off cuts and turn them into beautiful accessories and customized handbags. So if you are looking for something bespoke and unique, do check out YUMUMU.Co.  #supportlocal


Lyn and I spent Thursday and Friday preparing whatever we could for the flea market and what we wanted to show case...even my signboard was printed out on A3 paper! I dont even know how I managed to bring everything home by myself!

Saturday came and I was really blessed that my parents offered to send me to the venue. the setup for vendors starts at 9am but I was there by 8:45am.. too kan chiong thats why. I found my booth and was just staring at it blankly so I decided to wait for Lyn's arrival before we began the setting up. The funny thing was, 10 minutes into waiting and it started raining cats and dogs! But instead of cursing and swearing about the situation, I laughed it off because it was a good learning experience for our first try. But as soon as the rain stopped, and the sun was shinning and the crowd started rolling in, we were ready to rock and roll!


The rest of the weekend was filled with laughter and lots and lots of eating within our booth because some our of friends who came by were so worried that we didn't feed ourselves.


We made friends with our neighbors, THE OATBERRY who sells really delicious granola snacks made in Singapore that are healthy for everyone in the family and BE LEATHER LAB who makes customized leather accessories and conducts leather crafting workshops at affordable rates! Do check them out!

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We also got some really good contacts to follow up with for future collaborations. So all it all, it was a just great experience for us! Sometimes taking the plundge and doing something different isn't so bad after all!

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who came down to visit us over the weekend! Really appreciate your love and support! 

Next up.....

ARTAS 2018 happening on 30th June from 1pm- 6pm at 88 St Francis Road S( 328070)

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ARTAS 2018!

" It is not our problems that makes us special. It is how we deal with them that's important"