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" It is not our problems that makes us special. It is how we deal with them that's important"

Have you ever heard someone say, " oh he was lucky" or " she was born rich". For most parts of my life, I believed that was the case for me. That I will never amount to anything great, simply because I was none of the above. But somehow I was curious as to why some achieve great successes in life even though they weren't lucky or rich.

I'm talking about people such as Dwayne "The rock" Johnson, Eminem, Walt Disney, Oprah, JK Rowling, Sylvester Stallone, Bill Gates etc. These are people whom I'm sure most are very familiar with and they all have something in common. They all came from humble beginnings yet they managed to achieve their dreams and goals. That was when I noticed the pattern in their stories. 

1) They all had passion within them. Passion was what kept them motivated, disciplined and focused. Eminem wanted to be the best rapper of all time and he was willing to work hard until his goal was met. At age 29, broke and a single mother, JK Rowling thought of committing suicide, however she managed to change her perspective on life and channeled her passion into positiveness and that was when she wrote about Harry Potter.

2) They ignored the naysayers. Sylvester Stallone was rejected by many studios and laughed at for the script of "ROCKY" before he got his big break through and Walt Disney got laughed at for his idea of Mickey Mouse.  The world may be filled with negativity but we have the choice to decide whether to listen to such negative comments or to listen to our hearts and follow our goals and passion.

3)The most beautiful of all, these people remained humble amidst their successes and they continue to contribute to society in one way or another. JK Rowling gave up her billionaire status to a millionaire by donating her wealth to charity, Bill Gates a well known philanthropist over the years and Dwayne Johnson never forgot the people who stood by him during his tough days. 

They took their hardships and used them as a motivating factor to push them through their tough times and the results are overflowing success. So if you’re going through some hardships, sulking over your problems will not get you anywhere, self pity will drive you to a dead end of depression and blaming others does not make your situation any better. Instead, work on yourself, love yourself and be thankful about the small things in life because they will add up to form a bigger picture. Remember, tough times don’t last only tough people do. So look beyond the negativities and you will see a vast ocean of positivity. 

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Vanessa Kumar
Founder of 3 ODD DUCKS


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