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Concrete creations where every piece has a story to tell. 

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ARTAS 2018!


I have been looking forward to participating in ARTAS 2018, and the day finally came last weekend on 30 June 2018. I walked into Renewal Christian Church all enthusiastic, and everyone there was so warm and welcoming. 

I was then led to my station for the set up and I'm telling you, I was so blown away by their generosity! First off, the space that was provided was absolutely amazing. I HAD SOFAS AT MY STATION, HOW COOL IS THAT! Secondly, we were placed in an air conditioned room! (COMFY MUCH). Which leads to point number three - I got to share  3 ODD DUCKS with everyone in comfort. 

I got straight into setting up my station and began to lay out the pieces that I wanted to showcase.
TA DAH! All ready!


Since I had some time to spare after I was done setting up, I went outside to kaypoh a bit and to see what I could help with. Instead I was directed to the Tie-Dye Tote Bag station where I was invited to be the first to try out the tie dye process. I felt like a little kid in art class all over again! There was also a station where you could draw on your own mug for just $1! To me, the best part was the complimentary homemade brownies and cookies which  were absolutely delish! (But I was too paiseh to take more.)

So its showtime! People started streaming in and I enjoyed myself sharing the story behind 3 ODD DUCKS and the vision I have.  It was heartening to hear people connect with my work, and  how people were responding to my ideas. 

It was also a good opportunity to get to meet other artists and understand their work and the inspiration they had. So much more to learn from everyone who was present.

I am very glad that the original 3 ODD DUCKS were present and went around taking part in the activities. My nephew got a Spiderman painted on his arm that was so precious to him, he refused to shower for the next two days. My nieces kept going at the free snacks and wouldn't stop eating while jazzing to the live performances. The best of all was when all three of them got down to colouring the tiles with chalk and ironically, they coloured within the lines, something I don't see often in their colouring books!

I would like to thank some of my friends who came down to show their support ( you know who you are) and my family for helping me with the transport. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such loving people.

All in all it was a well organized event with lots of fun, laughter and activities for everyone! I would like to thank the organizing committee for this wonderful event and for giving me this opportunity to show case my work! Also, thank you for making all the artist feel so welcome! 

Thank you!

We all got to start somewhere