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In caring, let us not judge
In sharing, let nothing be hidden
IN giving, we ask for nothing in return

A little about me

I graduated with a degree in banking and finance and worked as a financial planner for 5 years before realising that was not the career for me. I should have know when I took a career suitability test and the results showed that finance was the second last option.

Having left the financial industry, I didn't quite know what I wanted to do next. I thought of picking up a new hobby or trying something new. So I turned to Pinterest and that was where I found my love for concrete crafting. In short, Pinterest saved my life!

How 3oddducks began

I believe every family has their fair share of problems but for me, I choose to look at things positively and channel my energy on what I like doing. I believe that there is a reason for everyones behaviour, be it good or bad and that we should not be so quick to judge. Hence, 3 ODD DUCKS was born.
3 ODD DUCKS is something I've always wanted to do but was too afraid to start; something I've had the passion for but too afraid of what others might think; and something I didn't asked for but came as a blessing in disguise. 

I owe it to my nieces and nephew who are my inspiration and motivation to step out of my comfort zone and pursue my dream in giving a voice to those in need of a second chance. They are 3 little odd ducklings whose sometimes cute but annoying antics inspire the pieces I create. 

Why 3ODDDUCKS support the Yellow Ribbon Project

How often do you hear of stories where trust has been broken, faith lost and time wasted? These are the thoughts many in society have when they look at ex-convicts because it is always easier to judge when we don't know their story. I believe everyone deserves another chance at creating the life that they aspire to. This chance does not come easy to ex-inmates, and that's why I want to bring their stories to more people, in hope that one day as a society we will be more accepting and inclusive.